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“I cannot teach anybody anything I can only make them think” - Socrates.

The Modern Academy aims to expose the students to understand our cultures and philosophies, the role of humanity on earth while learning about their own roots in greater depth. Another thrilling experience is to see the whole school working together, demonstrating perfect team spirit.

We also aim at bringing harmony in the world. We seek to work for the total development of the youth. They are education for life, to be go-getter and first-rate human beings. Self – confidence is a combination of various noble qualities.

We help them to be comfortable with them to come out of shyness. We also inculcate the values of love, freedom, forgiveness, honesty and other human values in the pupils.


In our school, English is the medium of instruction. Tamil is the first language. Hindi is taught as the third language from L.K.G.

Our primary education is through PLAY WAY method to make education imagination –oriented and knowledge-intensive.

Our children are to learn language, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies. Computer, Physical Education, Music, Dance, Chess, Skating, Yoga, Karate, Silambam, Judo, Boxing, Gymnastics, Art and Craft are also taught.

Subjects are taught through latest techniques like computer and Videoshow.

Both practical knowledge and theoretical knowledge are given importance.

We follow the matric board (CCE Pattern)- Continuous and comprehensive evaluation. It refers to a system based on evaluation of all the aspects of students development and We can make the children as an all round personality. By implementing CCE, here our children are enjoying the stress – free learning without burden. It avoids rote-learning.